Useful Information

Be prepared for your travel to Guna Yala.

Entry Requirements to Guna Yala:

The requirements are the same as entering Panama, which are the following:

  • A valid password
  • A valid Tourist Visa which you can get at your local Panamanian consulate abroad.

What to Bring:

  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimwear

It is recommended that you contact your tour operator to arrange your stay, transfers, accommodations, and activities.

Getting Here:

Albrook Airport for domestic travel to the region of Kuna Yala. The trips usually come and go in the mornings. Some air landing areas are: Porvenir, Heart of Jesus, Playon Chico, Achutupu, Mamitupu, Ogobsuggun, Mulatupu.

Towards the Shire there Guna El Llano-Carti road (Gardi). There are cars 4 x 4 which are duly certified by the Land Transport Authority of Panama, and the General Congress Guna. Mobilization carriers custom made??. Soon there will also be the option of using Colon, San Blas Road.

At Nusagandi, each visitor pays B/.6.00 (current July 2013) by the entrance to the protected area of Nargana, the maintenance and management is the responsibility of the General Congress Guna.

In ancient Sugdub Gardi airport are parked cars and boats arrive at the dock to transport visitors to various islands and communities. On the boat shuttle service run by their communities must be paid an additional amount of B/.2.00 (current July 2013), plus the cost of transport according to the area to visit.